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Phu Quoc Island covers nearly 600 kms so travelling around will take some time. The following guide to Phu Quoc Island distances and travel times is designed to make your journey as easy as possible, along with some useful tips for getting around.

Road distance chart

Planning to head out on the roads that link Phu Quoc Island? The following distance chart will give you a good indication of how far each town or village (in blue) and beaches (in yellow) are apart in kilometers from each other. Road conditions vary, with many dirt roads and some sealed roads on the island, so refer to our route tips and travel times sections below before venturing out.

Route tips

Road work on the island is ongoing and while most routes are accessible by all vehicles, access through some areas is only possible by motorbike. Please read the following travelling tips before setting out on your Phu Quoc Island journey;

• Motorbikes provide the best access across all routes on Phu Quoc Island, however busy dirt roads that are yet to be sealed can get quite dusty, due to the increasing number of cars and trucks on the island. This is particularly the case on the roads leading from Duong Dong, like the road along Long beach south of Duong Dong Town, and the road to Ong Lang Beach heading north, so we recommend buying a mask in town before heading off on your adventure.

• Some routes that approach the more secluded beaches, particularly in the north around Bai Thom, are far easier to access with 4WD vehicles and by motorbike. Take care in the monsoon season, when dirt roads can get quite muddy.

• Travelling through Cua Can Village is only possible on motorbike as the northern section of the village has numerous meter wide wooden bridges connected to the northbound road. Great place to explore on your way to beautiful secluded beaches in the north of Phu Quoc.

• Reaching Vung Bau and Bai Dai beaches by road is possible, though avoid Cua Can village (see note above). From Duong Dong town, take the road to Bai Thom and Ganh Dau and turn off after approximately 20kms along a new road that is currently under construction. The 26km distance from Duong Dong to Bai Dai is by motorbike only, and the vehicle distance would be approximately 35kms, to lack of vehicle access through Cua Can village.

• An Thoi Town in the south can be reached a number of ways, the dirt road from Duong Dong currently follows the coast and is slightly shorter in distance than the sealed inland road. However while the coast road to An Thoi is far more scenic, it will take longer to travel than the sealed inland road.

Travel times between places of interest

Travelling times vary depending on your mode of transport around the island. Generally, if you’re travelling on dirt roads on the island, motorbikes are slower than conventional vehicles due to the dust and the odd pot hole.

Here’s an approximate indication of the travel times in getting around Phu Quoc Island:

1. Duong Dong to Ganh Dau village: 35min (45min by motorbike)

2. Duong Dong to An Thoi (coast): 25min (30min by motorbike)

3. Duong Dong to An Thoi (inland): 20min (23min by motorbike)

4. Duong Dong to Ong Lang beach: 20min (25min by motorbike)

5. Duong Dong to Bai Dai beach: 45min (45min by motorbike)

6. Duong Dong to Bai Sao beach: 30min (40min by motorbike)

7. Duong Dong to Bai Thom beach: 35min (50min by motorbike)

8. Duong Dong to Ham Ninh village: 15min (20min by motorbike)

9. An Thoi to Bai Sao Beach: 10 minutes (15min by motorbike)

An Thoi Islands

An Thoi Islands are located approximately 30 minutes by boat from An Thoi town, where you will find 15 islands with a variety of beautiful beaches. There’s a variety of tour operators on the island that provide boat trips to these islands (see our tour operators page).