Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc: What Real Customers Have To Say

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc: What Real Customers Have To Say

Ever since we were kids, everyone has at least once watched reality TV shows about animals, most typically those filmed in Africa - the paradise land of wild animals. But watching would be just watching. How can it be as accurate as when we officially feel it by combining many different senses, not just sight? We have been overwhelmed by the sheer incomparable bravery of lions; the peculiarity of the rhino's significant appearance; dominance in the leopard's predatory sprint races; the calm and protective spirit of the giant named "elephant" or even the gentleness and friendliness of the giraffes.

Now all of that will be wrapped up in a tiny ticket to be ready to welcome visitors to the most considerable wildlife care and conservation park in Vietnam - Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc.  

Although Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is not the only one, it is the most "complete"

Besides Phu Quoc Safari Zoo, two other zoos, Safari Nghe An and Safari Quy Nhon are also on the journey to care for and preserve wildlife in Vietnam. Each zoo has its unique characteristics according to the conditions of existing resources. Safari Phu Quoc is no exception, sharing the exact purpose of caring for and preserving wild animals but successfully building its brand mark. So why do we use the word "complete" when describing Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc?

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is the first and only semi-wild animal care and conservation park in Vietnam
 Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

The first reason is the area; the entire zoo campus has a total area of ​​nearly 500 hectares, built according to a semi-wild model, in which the staff will manage rare and precious animals. The zoo ensures care and conservation in an open natural environment. With the inherent advantage of being an ancient natural forest with a relatively wealthy flora system, Safari Phu Quoc has met the strict requirements of the Safari model in the world.

The second reason is the system of wild animals present at Safari Phu Quoc. Accompanying every step of visitors on the journey of discovery, in addition to a rich flora ecosystem considered a miniature model of the African savannas, mixed in that layer of vegetation is the residence of the more than 3000 individuals of rare wild animals of more than 150 species. The animals here are grown in a completely natural, safe environment and are cared for by the country's leading animal research engineers. Especially for tourists who are children, who have a mind full of rich imagination, when their parents bring them to Safari Phu Quoc, they will certainly not be able to help but enjoy and begin to relate to each other. Think of famous animal cartoon characters that you have seen; easily seen, such as Judy Hopps rabbit and Nick Wildle fox in Zootopia, Junior stork in Storks, Simba lion in The Lion Kings, or the highly famous blue macaw Blu in the world's top-grossing animated film - Rio, etc.

The third reason is that visitors will never feel "small" when they have to be lost in the middle of a large zoo-like Safari Phu Quoc. Because even if visitors plan to visit Phu Quoc Safari on weekdays (not on public holidays or peak occasions), the zoo's campus is still very busy with visitors coming in and out, from family groups and couples to groups of young people. And as soon as you step through the ticket gate, welcoming visitors will be the ringers with bright smiles and professional attitudes, dedicated to introducing each area in the general map of the zoo.

Open Zoo or Safari Park - Which area will hold you back longer?

Based on various surveys from objective factors such as available plant resources, climate, topography, and human resources. Until the subjective factors such as the habitat of each species and, most significantly, the need to decide to explore visitors when talking about the topic of wildlife care and conservation. Phu Quoc Safari Zoo has divided its campus into two main areas, Open Zoo and Safari Park. Currently, to make it easier to visit, the zoo is separated from two main subdivisions into ten other subdivisions. In addition to importing animals, Safari Phu Quoc has to import more than 500 species of plants, from vegetation to large trees of a particular species, when leaves are specialized food for animals. Some kind of. Each subdivision is arranged and decorated in its architectural style. And all of that is directed towards a common goal of ensuring the highest compatibility for each habitat of each species, like outside the natural environment. Specifically, the ten subdivisions are:

  • South Asia - India

  • Africa Zone

  • Australia Area

  • Garden of Eden

  • South America

  • Indigenous areas of Vietnam

  • Ancient Sanctuary

  • Palace Area

  • Birds and animals area at night

Various places to visit in Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc
Maps of Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc 

In addition to the subdivisions by area, Safari Phu Quoc has other functional subdivisions with more specific characteristics, such as a Quarantine barn area, souvenir shopping area, and a large-scale veterinary hospital in Southeast Asia - the place to ensure the best health care for all wild animals, including native and foreign ones.

Open Zoo - More than a zoo!

Open Zoo is currently the home to live, nurture and conserve nearly 100 species, including rare native animals and wild animals imported from distinct biogeographic regions such as South Africa, Europe, Australia, and India. Although the animals here still have to be kept in captivity, similar to other zoos. But the more "humane" difference that can only be found at Safari Phu Quoc is that the habitat in the caged zoos here is entirely natural and spacious enough for the animals to feel the real "forest" is "home". At Open Zoo, the animals will be divided into different zones for the convenience of visitors to choose the places they want to visit. Visitors are free during the visit because walking is the primary and most popular way to move.

The animals that often create the most attraction and impression in the hearts of tourists are the flocks of pink flamingos that shade the lake; mischievous red-faced monkeys climbing among the branches; swamp crocodiles look up at visitors and then sometimes "yawn" a long breath as if to show all their sharp teeth or a little more "calm" of elephants grazing on sugar cane.

The flocks of pink flamingos that shade the lake
Beautiful Flamingos at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc 

However, there is a small note that we want to send to you, which is to fully charge the phone or camera battery before visiting the Open Zoo - Safari Phu Quoc area. Because being able to look closely and in detail and photograph your favorite animals will take you nearly two hours or more. Hearing this, it sounds a bit "panic", right? Because walking takes a long time, it is only possible to see more than half of the zoo. But that's okay, guys, because we still have another alternative means of electric transportation, cars with distinctive yellow-green tones that are unmistakable for tourists or groups of tourists who go with young children or the elderly (who do not have much endurance for hiking). The plus point of traveling by tram is to limit the loss of energy and visit more areas, but the minus point is that visitors will not have the option to see the places they like but ultimately have to depend on them in the vehicle's travel route.

Safari Park - The wild heart of Phu Quoc

The next place after the Open Zoo journey is the Safari Park area. This area stretches over a reasonably large area, simulating a natural African savanna with wild animals being released freely. Visitors will be toured on a dedicated bus from Safari Park. Why is this place called a "semi-wildlife sanctuary"? The living space has been recreated almost perfectly to look like a natural environment, but the animals here are still alive and must be cared for and fed daily by the staff as prescribed.

See rhinos at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc
The majestic rhinos walks next to tourists

To facilitate visitors' visits, avoid "disputes" over territory and ensure the best and uniform breeding conditions for the species, Safari Park has been divided into two main areas: For herbivorous and carnivorous animals. Those two large areas continue to split into separate areas for each species, separated by large gates.

When it's time, the dedicated bus with extremely high stability and a double-layer Safari Park glass will begin slowly. Unlike Open Zoo, at Safari Park, the visitors are "locked up" while the notorious wild animals in the jungle are free to roam outside. The road through Safari will be like an emotional journey ready to take you from one surprise to another. First, the peaceful scene of the rhinoceros lurking in the mud, the giraffe wandering around, meeting the leaves, and the antelope lying in the shade. Or to change the feeling of "shivering" a bit more is the image of tigers hovering around your car area as to "hello". But to push up to the emotional climax of visitors, the only animal that can do that is the lion - the lord of the green forest. You will have to be silent, almost holding your breath for a few seconds, when you witness the image of the leading male lion suddenly standing up and roaring with a roar. At that time, humans felt how small we were before the creation of nature, even though we were just visiting the reserve grounds.

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is not just about watching animals

Unique performances only at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Professional animal performance is the "unique" thing that we want to give to visitors when they have the opportunity to visit Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc. Performances will be held at the Open Zoo twice daily: 10:00 - 10:30 and 14:00 - 14:30, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. However, it will depend on weather conditions or the animals' health, which may change the time frame. This performance contains “artists” from diverse animal groups such as reptiles, primates, birds, and more.

From the eagle's majestic wingspan, the flamingo's graceful dance, the otter's naughty prank, and more. All will fully converge and bring complete emotions to visitors throughout the performance. It will be difficult for us to have the opportunity to see people and animals combine "rhythmically" with each other in such actions. They are trustworthy who together create so many professional performances. Through this, those who consider us, especially children, will learn more about the life and behavior of animals and become aware of the need to be more loved, close to, and protect them.

Animal perfomance at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc
The Flamigo's graceful dance at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

It's fun to become a reluctant "waitress" for animal meals suddenly

In addition to watching the staff feed the animals at their specified meal times, visitors can become a perfect "substitute" for the team at Safari Phu Quoc. Imagine how exciting it will be to give food to animals like giraffes, gibbons, and elephants with your own hands (note that it is only "gentle" animals because it is a must only those species are likely not to cause injury to tourists). When they see the food bag in your hand, they will immediately come closer, gradually becoming cute and cuddly as if to be fed by you. In the first few minutes, visitors will undoubtedly feel a bit scared because of the large size of these species, not as long as the giraffe's tongue alone is half a meter long. But later on, I believe that you will gradually get used to them and happily interact with each other like real friends without any distance.

Junior Zoo Keeper - Enjoy petting the "sponge babies"

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, in addition to being a zoo, is now also a place to nurture and preserve scarce animals by selectively "marriage" different generations of previous generations to give birth to generations of adorable and healthy baby animals. These "sponge babies" will all be nurtured and cared for by a team of highly qualified veterinarians. It is also because these animals are still "babies", so surely visitors will not be able to touch them as comfortably as other large animals freely. Instead, the experts here will wholeheartedly teach visitors how to hold, play, and feed so that the babies are not scared or physically hurt.

Junior Zoo Keeper a meaningful experiential activity for children at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc
The children are happy to feed the animals at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Zulu - The "paradise" dance that erases all distances

It can be confidently asserted that Zulu dance is a "specialty" only at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc. The dancers for this performance are friendly friends from South Africa, thousands of kilometers away from our country. The Zulu are the largest and most famous tribe of the mysterious and captivating "black continent" of South Africa. Zulu dance is inherently derived from the tradition of the tribe's topless girls. The indigenous people explain the meaning of the dance to promote marriage, loyalty, and women's virginity. In modern times, the locals have also established it. Another extremely humane purpose is to prevent the spread of the AIDS epidemic.

Experiencing Zulu dance will be more enjoyable when visitors can also wear unique Aboriginal costumes with various accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. The feeling of becoming the owner of the green forest with its extremely "native" appearance will surely leave a deep impression in the minds of visitors. Thanks to the warm atmosphere and vibrant rhythm, the Zulu dance has also successfully bridged the gap between people.

Zulu traditional dance of the people of North Africa
Happy travelers enjoying "this time for Africa" at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Don't be so absorbed in feeding the animals that you forget your lunch!!!

Are there any restaurants at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc? It is the most frequently asked question from visitors after a long day exploring the zoo. Let's continue to follow my article to know which is the most appropriate choice to "fire" for your hungry stomach!

  • Rhino Restaurant: Located near the ticket gate, the restaurant serves Vietnamese dishes with various meals and group meals. The space is excellent and accommodating, and the round table layout is very suitable for welcoming large groups of guests.
  • Flamingo Restaurant: Located behind the flamingo lake and in front of the animal performance stage. The restaurant makes an impression when it is an ideal place to dine for guests to relax with an open and clean space with a panoramic view of the green forest.
  • Giraffe Restaurant: The restaurant is located deep inside the Safari area. Because it is hidden in a vast green forest, the restaurant has brought an exciting and new feeling when enjoying a meal in the middle of the woods. The restaurant menu serves mainly fast food combos.

Memorable "love stories" only at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

These are touching stories between people and animals that very few know but will surely be enough to move any visitor when they first visit Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc and hear about these memories. The care workers here still use word of mouth to remind each other of Sut - a 10-day-old lemur who suffered a mouth injury caused by other mother lemurs constantly fighting to take care of the baby. Because she was only ten days old, Sut was too young to be able to breastfeed on her own and was ready to leave her mother's arms, plus the wound in her mouth made it almost impossible for Sut to eat anything. Therefore, the employee in charge of taking care of Sut almost has a new role to become "mother" of Sut. Every 2 hours, regardless of day or night, they meticulously fertilize little by little milk so that Sut can be provided with enough nutrition in the first days of life. Even knowing that baby lemurs have the habit of riding on their mother's back, the staff decided to buy Sut a stuffed animal that simulates the real-tailed lemur to help Sut not miss her mother. Every morning, Sut was led by the team to sunbathe and practice climbing trees. Gradually, Sut also became more substantial and sneakily started running everywhere.

Or is the most recent story about Surya - the Sumatran orangutan unfortunately drowned but was promptly rescued by emergency personnel and was in a dangerous state. That incident made Surya no longer mentally stable, even becoming extremely sensitive and anxious when anything came into contact with her. Fortunately, right after that, caregivers were constantly on duty at the dedicated care area for Surya.

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc's animal care worker
A special moment for staff and animals at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc 

Indeed, to do the above, in addition to professional knowledge and long experience, the affection and love of the "nanny" at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc for each animal here is genuinely impossible. And there are still many another human "love stories" here, all waiting for you to discover. What are you waiting for without making a trip to this beautiful zoo to experience all the emotions in each activity? 

With the above detailed and useful sharing, John's Tours hopes that in the nearest future, we will be able to accompany you to create the most meaningful and complete trip to Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc. If you have any general questions regarding tours in Phu Quoc and Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, do not hesitate to contact John's Tours immediately. 

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