4 top-rated activities you should do on Phu Quoc Island

4 top-rated activities you should do on Phu Quoc Island

There are many exciting ways to explore Phu Quoc island's wonderful undersea world.

Four activities below can help you have different experiences and require different levels of skills and ages, including snorkeling, free-diving, scuba diving, and sea walker.

Let's get through them to find out which suits you most.

1. Snorkeling - the easiest way to watch coral reefs and sea creatures

Snorkeling in Phu Quoc island
Snorkeling in Phu Quoc island

Snorkeling is the most popular activity to see coral on Phu Quoc island because it doesn't require much skills and experience. There were thousands of tourists snorkeling at Phu Quoc's small islands every year.

Whether you are a good swimmer or non-swimmer, you still can do snorkeling.

Essential equipment

Snorkeling equipment guide
Snorkeling equipment guide

Because you only stay at the surface and observe the environment below, you just need to use snorkeling equipment. It includes a mask (to protect your eyes and nose from the seawater, make sure that you can see underwater), a snorkel (a breathing tube that helps you breathe without lifting your head, remember to breathe through your mouth), a life vest for non-swimmer, and possibly, fins.

Duration and depth underwater 

You can enjoy hours of snorkeling with basic guides from the tour guide.

Snorkelers will float near the surface and swim below depth but not as much as other types of diving. The tour guide will lead you to a shallow water level area — no more than 6m/19.7ft.

A piece of advice is that you should go with a guide if you are a non-experienced or non-swimmer. John's Tours tour guides are bilingual (Vietnamese and English), dedicated and experienced. Some of them can speak Korean and Chinese fluently. They will support you all the time on your trip.


Snorkeling is a safe and enjoyable experience, but there are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • Don’t get in the way of water vehicles such as boats, jet skis, motorboats, etc.

  • Be aware of rocks and corals because they can cut and scrape your skin to bleed.

  • Don't apply sunscreen or use reef-safe sunscreens to protect marine life. Wearing diving wetsuit UV protection and bring umbrellas, hats, sunglasses instead.

Snorkeling spots

Snorkeling in Gam Ghi Island
Snorkeling in Gam Ghi Island

There are excellent snorkeling spots, notably: Gam Ghi Island, Buom Island, May Rut Trong Island, May Rut Ngoai Island, Dam Trong Island, Dam Ngoai Island, Doi Moi Island, and Mong Tay Island.

You can contact companies that organize snorkeling tours in Phu Quoc or go to the An Thoi harbor and rent a boat. However, booking tours with experienced companies will help you limit risks such as being ripped off.

John's Tours has more than 15 years of organizing and operating Phu Quoc tours. We will help you have the snorkeling tour that suits you the best.

You can join a group tour or rent a private boat/speedboat. The private tour has a higher price, of course, you have the comfort, and you can go to the spots that are not included in daily tours.

You can prepare the equipment on your own or John's Tours will give you, including a mask, a snorkel, a life vest, and fins (if needed).

Famous snorkeling and sightseeing group tours:

CONTACT US to book a private tour.

2. Free-diving - freedom to explore the ocean on your way

Free diving in Phu Quoc island
Freediving in Phu Quoc island

Freedivers use techniques to inhale as much air as possible, hold their breath, and try to spend as much time as possible on one breath to stay underwater. They just go back to the surface to re-oxygenate the body between dives.

Free-diving requires more discipline and great swimming skills than snorkeling. 

Essential equipment

Freedivers wear low-volume masks and only use a snorkel for taking a breath easier on the water surface before diving. They focus on diving, spending little time at the surface. You can twist and turn with ease, and come closer to sea creatures and corals. 

Free-diving fins are longer, more flexible, and of a less uncomplicated design than scuba diving and snorkeling fins.

Duration and depth underwater 

Freedivers dive at 10-20 m/33-66 ft depth. A depth ensures free-diving people a safe return to the surface.


As for freediving, freedivers need to be trained and certified to ensure they have a good condition of physical and mental health.

Free-diving spots

Freediving on Phu Quoc island
Fantastic freediving in Phu Quoc island

Some popular freediving sites on Phu Quoc island are Gam Ghi Island, Buom Island, May Rut Trong Island, May Rut Ngoai Island, Dam Trong Island, Dam Ngoai Island Mong Tay Island, and Doi Moi Island.

*Because the companies which organize scuba diving tours also have free diving tours, we will list them in the 4th heading.

3. Sea Walker - explore the ocean floor on foot

Seawalker Phu Quoc Island
Seawalker Phu Quoc Island

Sea Walker or Sea Walking is a seabed walking tour. Tourists can walk on the seabed with a depth of 3-5m like walking on land and watch hundreds of species of corals and countless colorful fishes.

Children from 5 years old to people under 80 years old can experience Sea Walker.

Essential equipment

You will wear a specialized helmet like an astronaut to provide oxygen and have a tour guide accompany you. 

Duration and depth underwater 

Seawalking in Phu Quoc island
Seawalking in Phu Quoc island

The tour guide will bring you to the seafloor. You will have 15 - 30 minutes underwater. Staff will take pictures and videos of you.


  • Listen carefully to the information that the tour guide gives you. 

  • When you get into the water, you will be a little scared and have ringing in your ears, but stay calm and follow the guide's instructions. Once you get used to it, you won't want to go back up to the water surface.

  • It's best to wear a swimsuit (or neat clothes) for a good photo, shoes to protect your feet from scratches, and not to bring expensive jewelry.

  • The corals here are cultivated and cared for very carefully by the staff. So don't touch or break the coral.

  • The helmet is quite thick so you won't be able to hear.

Seawalker spots in Phu Quoc Island

  • Ky Lan Cape - Thom Island (Eco Beach company)

  • May Rut Ngoai Island (Seaworld Namaste)

  • Doi Moi Island (Viet Asian company)

You can contact these 3 companies to experience Seawalker or combine it with a 4-island speedboat trip (including fishing, snorkeling at 2 islands, and enjoying water sports and activities on May Rut Trong island).

4. Scuba Diving - the best way to explore the underwater world

Scuba diving in Phu Quoc island
Scuba diving in Phu Quoc island

Scuba diving is a type of underwater diving in which divers use breathing equipment that is completely independent of a surface air supply.

Scuba divers only go back to the surface until their tanks run out of gas.

Essential equipment

Scuba diving is diving with special breathing equipment called scuba. A scuba mask lets you see clearly. A scuba regulator and tank provide the oxygen you need. Fins help you swim efficiently, and a wetsuit helps you stay warm. Scuba divers use the buoyancy compensator to adjust the overall buoyancy.

Duration and depth underwater 

Scuba diving - the best way to explore the ocean
Scuba diving - the best way to explore the ocean

Scuba divers dive at 10-20 m/33-66 ft depth and return to the surface until tanks run out of air supply. 


Similar to freedivers, scuba divers also need to be trained and certified to ensure they have a good condition of physical and mental health.

Scuba Diving spots on Phu Quoc Island

  • Ky Lan Cape - Thom Island

  • Ganh Dau

  • Doi Moi Island

You can contact these companies to schedule scuba diving and freediving tours: 

  • OnBird

  • Hopping Phu Quoc

  • Flipper

  • Seamen Divers

You should book in advance at least 3 - 5 days before departure so that they have time to arrange a suitable schedule.

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