10 S Reasons You’ll Love Phu Quoc Island: Real Reviews

10 S Reasons You’ll Love Phu Quoc Island: Real Reviews

What recently helped Vietnam's first island city, Phu Quoc, become so famous and attractive in the eyes of international tourists? The answer will no longer lie in the number one strength of Phu Quoc when it is known for its endless coastline along with fine white sand beaches. Because of the variety of possible experiences on the island, it has become a leading tourist destination in the region. Nature lovers can choose from national parks and eco-activities here, and adventurers can try various water sports on all levels. And more than 20 other unspoiled islands of the Phu Quoc Islands are waiting for you to discover, just a train ride from the city center. Now, let's look at a little "background" of Phu Quoc island with JOHN'S TOURS to fully understand 10 reasons corresponding to 10 extremely memorable and convincing "S" letters to explain why we can't help but "fall in love" with this beautiful island.

Charming Phu Quoc Island
A corner of Phu Quoc Island 

1. Sun

The beauty of sunrise and sunset on the beach has always moved the hearts of many travelers. Phu Quoc is no different. Watching the sunrise and sunset on the long beaches of Mong Tay Trong Island, May Rut Island, Rach Vem Fishing Village, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, Sao Beach, Khem Beach, and other islands is almost an experiential activity that any visitor looks forward to. Begin with a leisurely walk along the beach in the early morning or late afternoon, with a glass of wine in hand, and listen to your favorite song while talking to loved ones in the sunshine. All of this will create a peaceful, gentle scene and cause us to sob.

Beautiful sunset on Phu Quoc beach (cre: Tran Kiem Hung)
Sunset in Phu Quoc Island (cre: Tran Kiem Hung) 

2. Sea

Phu Quoc is well-known for its long coastline, which features green - clean - beautiful beaches with warm, jade-green seawater, as well as charming natural scenery with tropical forests. Beautiful, unspoiled beaches; historical sites; and mossy old roofs in coastal fishing villages. Natural masterpieces are the specialties that draw a large number of tourists to this Pearl Island.

Sea - Phu Quoc's number one resource
The sea of Phu Quoc Isand 

3. Sand

If Dai Beach in the northwest of Phu Quoc island is famous for its golden sunny beach, clear blue water, and green coconut trees, it has once ranked number one as one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the world by ABC News, voted in 2008. Meanwhile, many tourists rated the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc as Sao Beach. Nestled in the arc of two mountain ranges, Sao Beach makes a powerful impression on international tourists by its pure white sand color, smooth as cream, especially the appearance of beautiful starfish scattered about the shore.

Typical white sand beach of Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc white sand beach 

4. Stream

Tranh stream, Da Ban stream, Da Ngon stream, and Tien stream are always famous with domestic and foreign tourists because of the green natural scenery; and the perfect harmony of flowers, grass, mountains, and forests. They are the favorite resting and camping places for many tourists. To get to the white waterfall of the famous springs above, you will have to go through a short road with a few murky mountains with interlaced vines. But once you pass that road, you will walk on the golden sunny paths weaving through the trees, casting a gentle light on the ground full of dry leaves and weeds.

Stream - Hidden beauty in the sea of Phu Quoc Island
Tranh Stream in Phu Quoc Island 

5. Stay

To prepare for a trip to Phu Quoc, paying attention to many things such as airfare, transportation, attractions, food, and especially accommodation is necessary. At this 5th "S", we will introduce the 4 most popular types of accommodation in Phu Quoc today.

Firstly, Homestay is understood as staying at the home of local people. Visitors must comply with the host's rules when staying here, often not as comfortable and private as other forms of accommodation. But in return, we will be able to talk and experience the natural way of life and daily life of local people.

Secondly, Hostel, which means staying with cheap room rates-usually designed with multi-story beds, fully equipped with amenities. This type of accommodation is usually reserved for backpackers.

Thirdly, the hotel is architecture with various styles, from classical, medieval to modern, from the East to the West; it consists of many floors and is divided into many bedrooms. Hotels in Phu Quoc are classified from 1-star to 5-star standards based on comfort level, service quality, service attitude, location, architecture, construction, sanitation, security, etc. 

Fourthly, Resort is an accommodation built independently, creating a complex of villas, villas, bungalows, etc., with beautiful and favored natural surroundings and prime locations.

Quality of modern accommodation service in Phu Quoc Island
A corner of JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa in Phu Quoc Island 

6. Seafood

In keeping with the meaning of the name "Phu Quoc," which means "land of wealth," this island not only has magnificent natural beauty but also rich and abundant marine resources. This establishment is always eager to provide visitors with the richest and freshest seafood menu on the planet, including crab, abalone, sea cucumber, urchin, and so on. Each dish is handcrafted with delicate textures and flavors found only in Phu Quoc. The evening is the best time to appreciate the uniqueness of sea specialties; however, you can enjoy Phu Quoc seafood at any time.

Seafood - Top culinary specialties in Phu Quoc Island
Fresh seafood of Phu Quoc Island

7. Shop

Besides discovering new lands being the primary purpose of each trip, shopping for local specialties is always an attraction for tourists. Exploring the markets is one of the necessary experiences in every Phu Quoc trip. Each Phu Quoc market has its unique points to attract visitors. Coming here, visitors can freely visit, enjoy attractive specialties and witness with their own eyes the beauty of the labor of the people. Some famous markets in Phu Quoc include Duong Dong Market, Ham Ninh Market, An Thoi Market, Dinh Cau Night Market, and Phu Quoc Night Market.

Daily life of local people in Phu Quoc Island
Labor beauty of Phu Quoc Island's people 

8. Snorkeling & Seawalker

Nature has endowed Phu Quoc with a rich and magical aquatic world. Capturing that heavenly beauty, the Phu Quoc diving service was born so visitors can explore the rich and diverse ecosystem on the ocean floor. Depending on the different forms of diving, Snorkeling means diving with swimming goggles and propellers at a water level that is not too deep. If it is a Seawalker, it will be wearing a hat with transparent glasses. The helmet will contain oxygen for the astronauts, allowing visitors to breathe normally as if they were on land while keeping their heads completely dry.

Snorkeling & Seawalker - Best experience activities to try at Phu Quoc Island
Visitors enjoy the seawalker experience 

9. Show

Besides typical tourist activities such as swimming, scuba diving, boating, resorting on the island, playing at entertainment venues, etc. In Phu Quoc, there is still a type of art enjoyment that will surely leave an impression on visitors: the performance of natural scenes. Let's find out with JOHN'S TOURS the "million dollars" performances that visitors cannot miss when coming here.

Firstly, "The Essence of Vietnam" is a journey to discover the quintessence of national culture, recreating the traditional culture of Vietnam's coastal areas with fishing village dances and traditional festivals. Address: Grand World Phu Quoc.

Secondly, “Colors of Venice” is a party of colors and sounds that excellently recreate the cultural quintessence of the Italian region of Venice. Visitors will genuinely sublimate their emotions with captivating choreography, unique props, professional actors, a giant stage, LED technology, and modern 3D Mapping. Address: Grand World Phu Quoc.

Thirdly, "Once" is the perfect combination of sound, light, smoke, fire, and water, the most vivid and advanced 3D effects under the performance of professional actors. When night falls, Once will bring visitors back to the legendary fairy-tale space, bringing your imagination to the lands of dreams, so realistic that it's like being transformed into the characters in the fairy world.

The Essence of Vietnam is a journey to discover the quintessence of national culture
The magnificent stage of show "The Essence of Vietnam"

10. Sociable

There are no ethnic minorities such as Northeast - Northwest tourism or other specific regions such as Da Lat tourism, but not because of that, Phu Quoc has no difference. Exploring the cultural beauty and people of Phu Quoc is another factor that makes up Pearl Island's value. Besides the purpose of relaxation, visitors from far away also fall in love with this land because of its warm and friendly features, but there is still something simple and sincere about the people here. With a typical terrain created by the sea and islands, the people living here are primarily fishermen. They go out to sea to catch seafood to trade for a living. Phu Quoc has many residents of Chinese origin who know how to process and cook very well, creating a rich cuisine for Phu Quoc tourism. Although it is a tourist city, Phu Quoc does not give visitors the feeling of being too busy, and there are still small corners of peace and everyday life.

Daily life in a fishing village on Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc people exchange and trade together 


The above honest sharing of JOHN'S TOURS will help you understand more about the true beauty of Phu Quoc and give more and more love to this land. If you intend to visit this beautiful land soon, be sure to get in touch with us immediately if you have any problems needing advice. Phu Quoc always welcomes you, and so does JOHN'S TOURS.  

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